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Buell UK

Also known as the Mother Company or MoCo for short. No matter what individuals may think, we have to thank them as they have brought us the bikes we love and provide amongst the best support in the event of out of warranty problems from any manufacturer I know. They do take some stick in the forums, but so do all manufacturers in all forums. The most important fact is that without them our bikes wouldn't be here, therefore nor would we!

Thank You Buell UK, Buell US, and most importantly Erik!

Website:    http://www.Buell.co.uk

Member on UKBEG: 1203 (Marketing Manager Buell and H-D UK)


Official Dealers who are active supporting UKBEG

We support those that support us. Whilst I would be reluctant to slate other dealers, there can be a huge difference between good and bad dealers. Those listed on here have a reputation for going above and beyond the expected level of service.


Dockgate 20 - Southampton

Website:    http://www.dg20hd.com/

Please note, the website is very Harley orientated, however the staff are very Buell orientated! Make sure you have a bacon sandwich and game of pool whilst you are there.

Tel: 02380571200


Black Bear Harley Davidson - Newmarket

Website:    http://www.blackbear.co.uk

Member on UKBEG:    "Ursus Americanus"


Riders - Bristol or Bridgwater

Website:    http://www.ridersofbristol.co.uk

Member on UKBEG:    "Lukas"


UK based aftermarket suppliers who are active supporting this site

Adrenalin Moto - Trojan Horse

If you're in the UK and want the best aftermarket products for your Buell, call Matt at Adrenalin Moto, if he hasn't got it, he can probably get it! Not just for XB's but Matt also has access to the most accessories for tubers in the UK.

Matt has been running the Adrenalin Moto race bike for several years, having campaigned in the 2006 Thunderbike series with Phil Read Junior bringing them some great successes.

Website:    http://www.trojan-horse.co.uk

Member on UKBEG:    "Trojan"


International suppliers worth knowing about

American Sport Bike

Al is the equivalent of Trojan in the US. He is a dedicated Buell enthusiast who has taken his passion into business. He is currently the only person supplying Direct Link software complete with a guide on how to tune a Buell. Not a couple of sides, but 20 pages on Buell Tuning!

Website:    http://www.AmericanSportBike.com


UKBEG Recommended Mechanics / Engineers / GODS!

Maz's Emporium! - Manchester

If you haven't heard of Maz, then you haven't been to the UKBEG forums. He is considered by many to be a GOD of Buell spannering. An engineer and a perfectionist (He is a popular guy).

He has been known to have a slight preference for tubers, but note "preference". Those that know him, know he also appreciates fuellers and is probably one of the most knowledgeable Buell mechanics in the UK.

Website:                  http://www.teambegger.com

Member on UKBEG: MAZ

Land Line number:    0161 343 3077

Mobile:                    07860 433939


Jeez Louise - Bournemouth

Possibly the supplier of the fastest Buells in the UK. If you're thinking of a drag bike, or HD based chop, or just want a good service completed then speak to Tubbs.

Website:                  www.jeezlouise-harley.co.uk

Member on UKBEG: Tubbs

Land Line number:    01202 423314

Address:             21a, St Catherines Rd, Southbourne, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH6 4AF


Recommended Providers of other services, not specifically Buells.

Suggestions please to ......... steve_turnbull@yahoo.com

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