Buell XB9/12s/r/x

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Other Popular Mods

Frame Pucks These are proven to save the frame (Fuel tank) of a Buell in a slow to medium speed crash.

This is what can happen without the pucks! They are standard accessories from Buell, I believe they should be fitted as standard on all models.

CARE - They are different for the "normal" XB's and for the long versions

For the normal XBs and r the Buell part number is 93001-03y

For the XBss or Ulyses, the part number is ????????

Get them from your local UKBEG supporting dealer

Sliders / Crash Bobbins / Mushrooms!

Like the frame, the forks and swingarm on any motorbike are at risk of damage in even a slow speed spill. Fitting of crash bobbins, mushrooms or sliders are now considered to be common practice amongst bikers trying to protect their pride of joy.

Fork sliders wilI help, but swingarm sliders are almost essential in protecting the bike. I have read a number of recommendations against the sliders mounted to the engine as they can cause more damage than they save.

Obviously the best approach is to not fall off!

Crash bobbins are available from R&G and LSL, but personally I prefer the look of the Dark Horse sliders! They are billet aluminium, with a threaded bar through the wheel spindle. Look the part and are proven to work. Available from independent Buell accessory dealers, either UK or US based.

R&G Front R&G Rear LSL Engine Dark Horse Front Dark Horse Rear

The Cheesegrater - The tail end of the lightning models, just looks like it is stuck on purely for international regulations. Removing the cheesegrater as it is known, is like bringing the bike back to the look you know the designer wanted! You can easily remove the cheesegrater with the aid of a hacksaw and dremel to tidy up the finish. Alternatively you can buy them ready made in Aluminium or Fibreglass from our usual aftermarket suppliers.


Reflectors - An easy and free task, which improves the look of the bike. The legal requirement for reflectors should be considered, but I prefer the look without. The reflectors on the front forks can be removed with a hairdryer to soften the adhesive pads and just twisting them on the fork leg. Failure to do this can result in an exploding fork leg like the next picture!

 Just ask "Dave from Scotland" on UKBEG if he thinks the fork reflectors aid safety?

Whilst we're removing standard parts, we're improving the look of the bike and reducing weight at potentially no cost, so what's next?

Pillion Pegs - If you're not carrying a pillion, why leave them there? Check out all the Buell Marketing pics, You will almost never see pillion pegs, so off they come! 2 Hex keys and they're off. Remember to put the Hex key bolt back in to hold the other parts in place.

Right Side Scoop - Helps keep the rear cylinder cooler. A problem on most v-twins, but particularly XB's with the frame so close to the heads. This will prevent the fan from kicking in quite so often. A very popular accessory in warmer climes, not so important in the UK.

Mirrors - If you like the lollipops, that's fine, each to their own. But personally I had to replace them and ended up with some nice Billet Bar end mirrors. Plenty of options out there, but worth considering.

Carbon - If it's plastic on the XB, someone will make a replacement or better version in carbon. Just be careful of some of the thinner carbon which has been known to flex and fall apart. Good known brands of carbon parts are; ilmberger and Buell Authorised accessories.

Dashboard panels - Don't like the cartoon characters on the XB9 dash? or just want something different. The clocks come apart easily, allowing you to replace the dash panel very easily. The needles pull off easily, just be sure to replace them in the correct place.

Try one of these, or use them as a template to make your own.

Brakes - Which pads and what about Wave discs?

Seats - The seats on the XBs models are interchangeable allowing you to retain OEM parts, but changing the comfort factor. As a guide, the seats available for lightnings have the following characteristics.

XB12s - Pimpled surface, quite a hard seat, good for hard riding, but not necessarily the best for long distance.

XB9s - Smooth surface, much softer than the 12 seat. Often considered to be athe best standard seat.

XB12Scg - Lowered seat, often enough of a change, without swapping to the actual xb12Scg with lowered suspension. This can be bought direct from the dealers as part no. M0076.1ADalternatively get your seat reshaped and lowered.

Front Brake Lever - The one from a Yamaha R1 ('99-'03) will fit the XB apparently (not tested by author).

If that's not enough options, you can download the Buell Accessories booklet here.

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